Trang chủ Sản phẩm POS All-in-One

POS All-in-One

Full range of POS ALL-in-One solution from Android to Windows OS,Depending on your budget and application requirements, Fiscat provides the optimized POS terminal all in one for your needs.

Galaxy Touch 6

Thiết bị mPOS

Super Touch 10

Tất cả trong một hệ thống POS

Windows POS15

Windows POS15

What is POS All-in-One?

A POS (Point of Sale) All-in-One system is a comprehensive solution designed for managing sales transactions in retail or hospitality. This system typically combines hardware and software component.


All-in-One POS terminal hardware usually includes a touchscreen (working as computer or tablet), a cash drawer, receipt printer, barcode scanner, and sometimes a customer display. These hardwares are often integrated into a single, compact unit to save space and simplify setup.


The software included with a POS All-in-One system can handle various functions such as sales processing, inventory management, customer relationship management, employee scheduling, and reporting. This software is crucial for keeping track of sales data, monitoring stock levels, and analyzing business performance.

As a professional leading POS terminal supplier, Fiscat has launched a series of POS All-in-One machines. Whether you require a mobile POS terminals, All-in-One POS systems with embedded receipt printers, and Android POS terminal, Fiscat delivers customized All-in-one POS solutions that resonate with your unique business requirements.

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